Course Overview

As the largest adult cardiac transplant centre in the UK with the world’s leading experience in cardiac transplantation from donors after circulatory determined death (DCD), Papworth Hospital is well placed to provide training in DCD heart transplantation.

The Cambridge edition of the International DCD symposium aims to share with its audience the elements needed to develop a successful clinical DCD heart transplant programme.

This interactive symposium covering the latest developments in heart transplantation using donors after circulatory determined death.

We are privileged to have an international faculty with expertise drawn from the pioneers and leaders in DCD heart transplantation in the modern era.

Who should attend

The programme is designed to meet the educational needs of transplant surgeons looking to implement a DCD heart transplant programme. The programme will focus on the process of setting up a clinical transplant programme as well as the surgical and practical skills required to perform DCD heart transplantation. At Papworth we adopt a ‘team-centric’ approach towards transplantation and we believe that residents in cardiac transplant programmes and members of the transplant multi-disciplinary team will benefit from attending this course.


Delegates will gain experience and useful information regarding:

  • Implementing a clinical DCD heart transplant programme
  • The research and history behind DCD heart transplantation
  • The impact and cope for DCD heart transplantation
  • The role of normothermic perfusion in DCD heart transplantation
  • Functional assessment of DCD hearts
  • Transplanting a DCD heart
  • The do’s and don’t of adult DCD heart transplantation from the 3 international centres currently performing this procedure

Endorsed by Cambridge University Health Partners


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